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Medallion History

About Medallion Foods Medallion History

Medallion History

1999 The seeds of Medallion Foods were Planted Began by Owners: Mr.Lu Sun & Mr.Yunguo Sun. It was the 1st-of-it’s-kind “Plant” in North China, also one of the 1st in all-of-China.
Strategically they located the Plant In the Groves. They Humbly began with Fresh Peaches and later the 1st Fruit Cup was produced in this same Plant. Below are some Highlights from Medallion Foods:

Medallion Teamwork

Talented Employees are the Spirit, Heart & Soul of a Company. So it is for Medallion Foods: Many Employees 25+ years of service.

From small workshop Medallion’s grown to a State-of-the-Art- Plant, Our many Highly Qualified/Dedicated Employees made-this-possible. We continually strive, attract, maintain to build a Team Environment. Each Medallion Foods Employee enriches our team and through their commitment leads to Teamwork with Clients, Customer, Community.