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About Medallion Foods

About Medallion Foods Medallion History

About Medallion Foods

Medallion Foods produces an exceptionally wide portfolio of "fruit and food products", In addition to our extensive Core Business: Canned Fruit, Fruit Cup and Fruit in Gel, our product includes much more: Fruit Squeeze, Gel Squeeze, Pure Gel, and our New, High Quality "Aloe Drink".

Our food processes include:


Content filling

Film sealing

Continuous retorting

Blow drying

Incubation 10 days

The factory has a stable and sufficient capacity with:

8 Acres Manufacturing Plant

7000 ㎡ (75300 ft²) Workshop

6000 ㎡ (64500 ft²) Warehouse

5 sterilization lines

In conclusion, Medallion Foods is able to produce: 4FEU of finished products each day. Totaling to 30000MTNs every year.
Our Huge “Medallion Warehouse” allows us to: Purchase and Store massive amounts of Raw Material during the Critical “Harvest Time.” This assures Lower Prices & Timely Deliveries that we most-assuredly pass along to you as a Medallion Valued Customer.

Medallion Promise of a Gold Medal for Highest Quality and Competitive Price

No detail is too small for us. Our plant is literally located with -in the Orchards and Farms, As far as you can see, in any direction are Apple, Peach, Pear orchards. Most of them are contracted with Medallion. This assures us a: Preemptive Right and Fresh Materials.
By doing all of this, Medallion is a Completely & Vertically, True Integrated Company ! We completely control costs from: Seed-to-Sale at-Shelf. All of this brings Competitive and Efficient Pricing to you.

Our State-of-the-Art Plant employs very sophisticated systems for Highest Quality control, testing procedures thermal processing as well Best Grade Specifications. With our comprehensive standards, plus our strict food safety initiatives we have aligned ourselves as The Best industry leader.